There are a few lifestyles that I want in twenty years. First of all I want a loving wife and at least three children that all love God. I want my wife to be beautiful and a great cook. I want my children to be obedient and choose good friends. I also want a house that can fit everything I own and maybe have extra room in it for guests. I want it to be close enough to my family so that I can visit them often and I also want it to be close enough to the place I work so that I can be there on time.

I want to be a movie director when I grow up but there are many jobs in the world so whatever God wants me to do for a job I will not argue with his plans. There’s no point to. He always wins. If I can have the job that I want though I’ll be very glad. And if I have to go away to be a missionary I will gladly do so even if it means leaving my family.

To finish up I want to go to church every Sunday and read my Bible once a day and maybe more. I will also do devotions with my family every night.

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