What benefits would I get from writing an autobiography? Well for one if I wrote an autobiography it would tell my descendants all about me. They would know how life was in my day and how people lived their lives now. It would say their family history and about their family. Then they would know how they were to live their lives and important stuff like that. If I become somebody famous when I grow up I would write it in my autobiography so that they know that they can do amazing stuff too. They would probably love it if they new how their old and dead relative’s lived their lives. I never know what I will do as I get older so that means I could write anything in my autobiography as much from having a normal job to being one of the richest people on earth. My descendants could do anything they want, but if I write an autobiography It would probably help them to make the right choices.

Another way is an introspection. An introspection would provide me with an opportunity to take time and see goals that I have not done yet or goals that I have not even set yet so that I can accomplish my goals or set them and then accomplish those goals. Although this does not fix it. All it does is making an opportunity for me to see goals that I can accomplish or make then accomplish goals so that I don’t become a lazy person. DO NOT BECOME A LAZY PERSON. THIS IS A STRICT WARNING. Lazy people usually become poor and get nowhere in life. that’s why it is important to pay attention in school. So do not become a lazy person but instead do introspection. Take time to accomplish goals that you may have not already in your life. These two ideas are very good ideas if you want to write an autobiography and they are also good benefits for writing an autobiography.

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