What I remember most from “A BUS OF MY OWN” is when Jim Lehrer is telling the story about when he was a child playing on a pinball machine. Jim’s dad and a friend went to go get something to drink so his dad gave him a coin to go play on the pinball machine. He goes to play on it but as soon as he starts it he regrets it because he has to go the bathroom. He never won a game before, but then he won for the first time ever! He kept playing and playing and playing until he won so much games that he peed in his pants! He did not want to go to the bathroom that he thought that if he left the machine somebody would come by, see all the games won, start playing, and then not believe Jim if he told him if it was his games that were won. He won more and more games until he saw his dad come in that he got so scared that he ran for the bathroom as fast as he could. His dad went into the bathroom and told Jim to come out cause it was time to go but if he did not want to talk that was fine. His dad was still talking when Jim rushes out and runs some blocks away. I remember that story because in my opinion it is the most funny story in the book. If you have kids tell them to read this story or read “A BUS OF MY OWN.”

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