What were the problems besetting the Church in the tenth and eleventh centuries? What was “moderate reform”? In the tenth and eleventh centuries the church had started to develop some problems. One of these problems is called deteriorate which according to the dictionary means “become progressively worse.” So basically the church started to worsen because people in the Western Empire couldn’t do what they needed to because the Empire was to big. The church was caught in a feudal system, so the church officials started acting like vandals and this disrupted the church. The moderate reform was a time where Pope Leo IX wrote a Collection of 74 Titles. 

Describe the events that took place during the conflict between Pope Gregory VII and Henry IV. What was at stake? When Pope Gregory VII was elected he said thing about Henry IV that he didn’t like. Gregory said that Henry was only supposed to to specific things and not elect clergymen. If he didn’t do this then the Pope said that he was a tyrant. This started an argument against these two and it ended with Henry exiling Gregory and because of it Gregory died. 

What was Christendom? Christendom is something that refers to Christians and everything about them. So basically it refers to me too because I am a Christian. 

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