What would be the most difficult technique in “How to Win Friends and Influence People”? to follow? And why? Well I have been given many choices of techniques, but I think the most difficult one would be two things. If you are wrong admit it quickly and make a friend out the the person your trying to do stuff with. There are not many choices because they are mostly easy, but these two are the hardest in my opinion.

I know that everyone was wrong some point in their lives and they still are but admitting that your is hard for many people because their prideful. Let’s say that your trying to sell somebody an idem. You tell them how great it is and you lie about some stuff. There are two outcomes. One you can keep lying so they will buy it and they might sue you or the other option is that you can tell them you were lying and say the true stuff about it. Then you might still get he or she to buy it.

It’s easier to sell someone something when they can trust you. You could be kind of shy and try to sell or you could make friends with people and sell them it when they trust you. Would it be easier to sell an idem to a stranger or your best friend. I’m not trying to discourage people just tell them easier ways if they are trying to sell something.

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