One day Hank got hit in the head with a club. When he woke up, he didn’t know where he was. He saw a young girl and a castle. He followed her into the castle and gt sent to jail. The King, King aurther said he was going to be burned two days later. Hank knew the next day was the eclipse, so he asked to be burned the next day. The next day they put him on a post and he pretended he was a magician and pretended to block out the sun. They were scared and asked him to let the sun shine, so awhile later he said he would and the eclipse was over. They soon named him The Boss.

A couple days later, a woman named Sandy came to the castle and said she was going to free some princes and princesses. She said they were at an orge’s castle. The king told Hank to go with her and when they got there, Hank found out they were pigs and went back to the castle with them. Sandy and Hank got married and had a daughter and named her Hello-Central.

The King and Hank disguised themselves as peasants to see what the phesents’ life was like. They found a house with a disease, met some children, and almost got hanged. They went home and found out some people were going to attack them. Hank set up an electric fence and killed some people. At the end of the battle, Hank got sick and slept for a few days and when he woke up, he was with Dandy. He was about to die, so he held Hello-Central one last time.

One day I was playing in my backyard. I was swinging, then I jumped off. I landed on the ground, but instead of seeing my house, I saw the Ark!

It was strange. Did I get sent back in time? I saw animals going into the ark and I saw Noah preaching. I also saw people laughing at Noah and the Ark. None of them would go on the ark because there had never been rain. I was the only one who did.

Noah’s family, the animals, and I got on the Ark and then it started to rain. God shut the door of the Ark, so no water would get in. All the people were sorry that they didn’t believe, but it was too late. Everyone drowned and the rest of the animals did too. The sea animals did not go on the boat because they could swim. In the Ark, I worked. I fed the animals, I watered the animals, and I helped cooking the food. It rained for forty days and forty nights. When it stopped raining, Noah sent out a dove, but it came back with nothing. the next day, he sent the dove out again and it came back with the branch of an olive tree, so Noah knew there was land. The next day, he sent out the dove one more time and it did not come back. Then Noah knew the dove made a nest. A while later, they were on a hill. God opened the door, and Noah and his family made an alter. I was thirsty so I got a drink, then in front of me, I saw my house. I was home! I went inside and told them the story, but I don’t think they believed.

The Boxcar Children, Henry, Jesse, Violet, and Benny, went to visit their Aunt and Uncle in San Francisco, California. In San Francisco, they met a fisherman named Charlie. They found out Charlie was having trouble. They also saw a mysterious man. Charlie had a helper. Her name was Kate. Charlie also had two fisherman friends named Tony and Joe. Charlie fished for a man named Vito. Vito owned a restaurant. Kate invited the children to stay with her in her houseboat for a night. Aunt Jane said yes, so they got warm clothes and spent the night. In the night they heard a noise and looked out the window and saw someone. In the morning, they went with Charlie to go fishing. They suddenly stopped and found out somebody let all the gas out so Kate checked on the radio while Charlie and the children fished. They didn’t catch anything because the nets were cut. Kate came back and said one of the radio wires were cut but just then they saw Tony and Joe take the children to shore and brought Charlie gas. Onshore, Vito did not want to buy fish from Charlie anymore and decided to buy some from Joe. Joe asked for his lantern and Henry remembered the broken lamp he saw. He gt the lamp and the piece of broken glass and figured out Joe did everything. They also found out Kate had a sister Jan. The last thing they found out was that the mysterious man was an investigator. The Boxcar Children were glad they helped Charlie.

The Latin word for a family run by a father is Paterfamilias. That is a strange word, do you not think? I would of never made up that word.

The purpose of children in Rome was to serve the state. A bulla is a charm that baby boys get to keep away evil spirits. A bulla is a strong name. I would never name it that. Would you?

Children started school at the age of seven and ended at age eleven. If the parents were rich, they could go on farther. Roman girls married at age 12, even though it was more common at age 14. They married young because it was motivated for the family. Boys married at age 20. When a boy became 14, there was a ceremony for him to become a man. He had to shave and give up his bulla.

A difference in gender relations in Greece and Rome are girls are not treated equally with boys in Rome, but they were treated equally with boys in Greece. Rome is mean to girls. Greece is nice to girls.

Hadrian was born in 76 A.D. in the country of Spain. Hadrian became a ward of Emperor Trogan when his parents died. As a kid, he loved studying Greek. He got the nickname Graeculus and made a word, Philhellenism.

Traveling was the different way that Hadrian ruled from the other emperors. Hadrian ruled 21 years and all 21 years he supported the Senate and the army. Hadrian was famous for building Hadrian’s Wall in England.

There were five good emperors. Their names were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus, and Marcus. If you were an emperor, do you think you would be a good one or a bad one? I do not know if I would be a good emporer or a bad Emporer.

Before Jesus died, His followers were called disciples, which means learners. After Jesus’ Resurrection, they were apostles which means, one who is sent out. No matter what name they were given, they were still His followers.

Simon Peter was then the preacher after the time of Pentecost. The one who died of old age peacefully was John. All the others died of being persecuted. Philip preached the gospel to the king Ethiopian and the Ethiopian preached the gospel to the city.

One day, Saul the chief persecutor was on the road to Jerusalem. God called down from Heaven. He was blind for three days and neither ate or drank when his eyes opened he became Paul and preached the gospel and he sometimes went to jail.

The purpose of the Council of Jerusalem was to help people come to Jesus and to help churches. The religion that had the most influence on Europe and Western Civilization was Christianity. Christianity was important, do you not think?

The Jews were being ruled by Rome right before Jesus was born and were looking for someone to free them. One day, an angel came to a young Jewish girl named Mary. He told her that she was going to have a baby king of the Jews named Jesus. She was engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. There was a decree that every man should go to the place where their family used to live. Joseph’s family lived in Bethlehem, so he went there with Mary and had Jesus. Angels told shepherds about Jesus and they saw Him and told everyone. about a year later, wise men went and saw Him. There was a decree that every child two and under should be killed, but God saved Jesus.

When Jesus was thirty, He began HIs ministry. The first thing that happened to Him was that He was baptized by John the Baptist. The two most powerful things He did were miracles and preaching. The first miracle He did was changing water into wine at a wedding. He brought many people to God by HIs preaching.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode on a donkey through Jerusalem. The people cried out Hosanna, blessed be the Son of God. The Last super replaced the Passover. One of His Disciples named Judas Iscariet betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. The Romans made a crown of thorns and gave Him a sign that said, “King of the Jews”. They made Him carry his own cross up a fill. The Roman governor naed Pilate told them to do what they wanted. They buried Him and three days later, He arose from the dead. Seventy days later, He went into Heaven.

While Julius Caesar was assassinated, Octavian was studying in Greece. Octavian’s hidden goal of forming the second triumphant was to be in charge of Rome. He would probably never be in charge.

Pax Romana means peace of Rome. The doors of Janus were closed three times during Agustus’ reign. The two ways Augustus warned to prevent the people where he worked with the senate and reduced the size of the army.

The job of a Praetorian Guard was a bodyguard. in 3 B.C. Octavian called for a census of people of his empire. The Republic did not return because they did not remember.

Would you like to be Octavian or not? I think it would not be fun to be Octavian. How would you like to live in Rome at that time? I would not.

In the catastrophe theory, it is believed that one major event happened to make the mountains. Creationists believe that the event was the flood. The uniformity theory believes that it took millions of years to form the same mountains. Evolutionists believe that mountains formed slowly over a long period of time. Creationists believe it happened quickly in a short period of time.

The crust is the thinnest layer. Humans have gone down miles but have not got to the mantle. The earth’s crust is divided into two areas: the Continental Crust and the Oceanic Crust. The crust under the ocean is thinner than the crust on the continents. There are Felsic rock, granite, and Gneiss rocks in the crust on land. Under the ocean, there is mafic rock, basalt, and gabbro rocks. Ocean crust is denser.

We know the mantle is mostly solid because of seismic evidence. Upper mantle possibly consists of dense igneous rock. The mantle has some magma chambers.

We know there is a core because seismic waves do not appear on the other side. We think the core is made of iron or nickel. The core must be dense.

There are three parts of the earth: the crust, mantle, and core.